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$4.35 1000 Meters Spools

$10.75 5000 Meters Spools

Tension Control Perfected

Top Thread - No. 40 (Tex 27)

The ability to maintain consistent thread tension is the most important variable to quality and efficient production.


Glide™ utilizes special technology to capture a beautiful luster within the fibers of a colorfast polyester. We welcome you to compare our Glide™ colors to your favorite thread.

This breakthrough technology allows us to produce a trilobal thread with advanced light reflecting properties. The pictures below illustrates Glide™ Color Candescence Reflectology™ on a microscopic level. It is easy to see in this comparison why Glide™ outshines the competition.

Remember the computer monitor will not show true colors.  Get a Color Card from us @ $7.00  Call to order.  281-353-3530

Color Chart

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