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Glide 60



Bobbins L size, M size and Class 15

Trilobal PolyesterTop Thread - No. 40 (Tex 27)

Filament Polyester Bottom Thread - No. 60

Luminary’s beautiful pastel colors glow powerfully in the dark after minimal exposure to light for up to eight hours. Consistent elongation and high tensile strength offer optimal performance on commercial embroidery machines.


Affinity’s one-inch color-repeats are the perfect touch for when you want to add a little extra pizzaz.

Customers rely on the optimum strength of Affinity in fast-pace production environments. Stronger thread translates into fewer thread breaks and less machine downtime.  Affinity is washable, color-fast, and provides superior resistance to abrasion and chemicals. A trustworthy thread you can rely on over the years when longevity matters.


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