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Sheila has come up with her own collections.  You can buy at the shows that we attend or order them here. If you order them here, you can specify the format and it will be send to you electronically or you can order the CD and it will shipped to you by US Mail but a shipping charge will be added.  All of her collections sell for $20.00 unless they are marked down. See individual designs for new prices.  Order them here.


These designs will make excellent gifts for friends and family.


See more Crewelwork examples.            click here


These designs will make excellent gifts for friends and family.

See more bookmarkers examples.            click here


Floral Colorworks

See more Floral Colorworks examples.            click here

blue flower 5

Floral Folly

See more Floral  Folly  examples.   click here

Mola Flowers

See more Mola Flowers   examples.            click here

Panies Perfect

See more Panies Perfect  examples.            click here

Floral Folly
Pansies Perfect

Teapot Thyme

See more Teapot Thyme examples.           click here

Teapot 1


Click the Butterflies name and see the whole collection


See more Doo-Dads examples.  click here

Floral Fancy

See more Floral Fancy examples click Floral Fancy

Many Baskets

See more Many Baskets examples click here

Mola Geo

See more Mola Geo examples.     click here

Pretty Bonnet

See more Pretty  Bonnet examples.           click here


See more Tulips examples.           click here

Butterfly 2


See more Coasters examples.            click here

Merry Christmas

Floral Redwork

See more Floral  Redwork  examples.            click here

red flower 1
Basket 1
Molas  Geo
Pretty Bonnet
tulip 3


See more SnowWork   examples.           click here

Snow 10

Whimmsy Mola

See more Whimmsy Mola examples.           click here

Whimmsy Mola1
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