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Bottom Line


King Tut


So Fine! #40

So Fine! #50

The Bottom Line is an innovative bobbin thread for sewing with all types of top threads

After many years in development, we now have a variegated (multi-colored) polyester thread that has the high sheen of trilobal and the strength of filament polyester.

Nature’s finest thread. Low-lint #40/3 extra-long staple real Egyptian cotton.

Superior Metallic is a #40 gorgeous thread created from proprietary layered materials. This thread stands out in any embroidery, quilting, or sewing project and is guaranteed to run on any well-maintained home/longarm machine


So Fine! #40 is polyester thread with a 1-inch color-change interval. It's strength and medium sheen make this quilting thread ideal for any quilting application. The nature of So Fine! thread is different from any other polyester thread. The smooth, lint-free processing it goes through is a patented process. This makes So Fine!
#40 thread the only thread like it in the world. Guaranteed.

  • · Available in 35 colors.
  • · Exact same thread type as our smooth, lint-free So Fine! #50 thread but in a medium weight #40/3-ply.
  • · Ideal for quilting and decorative stitching.

So Fine #50 is a lint-free, low/medium sheen, smooth #50/3 filament polyester.


Kimono Silk



Notions by Superior Thread

Sew Sassy


Superior's Kimono Silk is a thin Japanese filament silk thread. Because Kimono Silk is so fine, it seems to disappear into the fabric

Nature's finest thread. #50/2 extra-long staple Egyptian-grown cotton for piecing, detail quilting, bobbin, lace, and applique. Very smooth with virtually no lint.

MonoPoly is a polyester monofilament thread. Commonly called an 'invisible thread' due to its fineness. Invisible thread is often used for invisible appliqué when the stitching is not meant to be seen.


Metal Thread Stands Heavy Duty

Sew Sassy is a creative quilter's dream thread. Thick and bold, Sew Sassy really stands out and its color presence is easily seen from across the room. Available in 50 solid colors on 100 yd. spools.



Introducing Twist, a texture-creating embroidery thread. What makes Twist so significant in the thread world? It is a high tenacity (strength), high sheen trilobal filament polyester. The strength allows for ease of stitching and the high-sheen reflects true, gorgeous hues.


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